Guaranteed Computer Repairs

Fraser Coast Computers in Hervey Bay is your one-stop shop for guaranteed computer repairs, custom built computers
for every application and all the computer parts you could ever need.

You can shop instore or call and get your order delivered right to your door … anywhere in Australia.

Upgrade Your Cwindow-7-upgradeomputer Today!

With support stopped for Windows XP in April 2014, you don’t have to go out and buy a new computer.. You can have your old computer upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8 and keep using your perfectly good working computer.

Call Fraser Coast Computers today on 07 4191 4411 or come in and see Rick for a free quote on an upgrade to your computer.

If you do need a new computer and don’t like the thought of changing to Windows 8, you can have a custom computer built to suit your needs, with Windows 7.

Fraser Coast Computers can build standard home PCs to full blown gaming computers including water cooling if required.

Contact Rick for your free quote today – 07 4191 4411!

SPECIAL OFFER – Limited Time Only

NORMALLY $29.95  SALE PRICE = $15.00
You can buy the SteelSeries QcK Limited Edition Gaming Mousepad at Fraser Coast Computers
steelseries-goblin-edition-QcKContact Rick at Fraser Coast Computers today!
07 4191 4411

 Computer Cases

You will also find that we stock the biggest selection of computer cases for every situation, computer keyboards, printers, routers, modems, processors, motherboards, graphics cards and other computer parts north of Brisbane.

Hard to get parts and rare motherboards

We specialise in hard to get computer parts too so if you’re looking for rare CPU or motherboard you may find it here. Not everything makes it into the catalogue so if you don’t see it in our store then give us a call and we can have it delivered to your door.